Live value on website reflects the current return rate/ profit of your savings.

Live Value: Unique return module

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2 min readOct 10, 2019


Unique profit return by Samrat Investments on personal savings.

To ensure minimum return (Guaranteed profit) along with higher profit (Expected profit) for the clients on each investment, as the commerce of organisation.

Minimum guaranteed return- 8%- 23% (2 years to onward)

Maximum return- as of Live value (refer to official website)


As fluctuation in percentage of return rate on savings, Live value is periodically updated on the official website.

There is not any specific period of updates of Live Value (ie. it can be updated multiple times a day or once in week/ month), It depends only on commerce of organisation.

You can increase the probability of better and higher return for you by visiting official website weekly/ monthly for the idea of average percentage rate.

Random illustration of Live value updates, average quarterly growth.

Unique approach from Live value

Sharing a great opportunity to get more and more benefits, on same savings done elsewhere than at Samrat Investments.

Designed to return authentic value of money irrespective of status as personal savings (from savings of ₹ 100 to unlimited).

Separate from inflation rate, & risk of loss to actual higher benefits of your money.

Less burden if you have zero or basic financial knowledge or understanding. Which focuses on your knowledge growth, experience of financial freedom and balance economic throughout life; which shares a happier life for your and your family.

In fact, our motive of financial awareness works parallel with profit.


a) If Live value is 2%, 6% .. , still you have secured 8% guaranteed return (2 years),

b) Live value is only applicable if percentage rate is above 8% ie. 9%, 60%, 43% ….

c) Live value for your savings applies according to moment of withdrawal procedure.



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